Paper labels, leather and rubber. Yes, there is a lot to choose from.

Barcode labels

Allows you to get a lot of information on a label. Depending on the label format, we can accommodate a barcode, which may contain serial numbers, letters and, for example, the year. We can also offer RFID.


We can offer labels made of bamboo and printed with colours made from soya beans. The woven and printed labels can also be made from recycled PET bottles. We even do these in recycled polyester and cotton. Paper labels can be made of FSC paper.


Hangtags are those paper labels that are used in clothing sales where the price, size and logotype are usually found. Hangtags are value-adding for the garments to feel a little more exclusive compared to those which only have a price-tag sticker.


Our leather labels are available in PU-leather or genuine leather. They are manufactured according to your own design, printed or engraved, in both Italy and the Far-east. We can offer vegetable tanned leather.

Printed labels

Embroidery is a high-quality labelling that is sewn directly on the garment. The embroidery is not pre-printed but made with stitches and can be obtained as twill, felt or entirely as embroidery. The method gives the print a high degree of durability and quality throughout its life.

Rubber labels

An exclusive labelling method in which three-dimensional design is possible and requirements for detail are high. Our machines can handle up to four different levels in height, and fonts down to 1 mm precision. The rubber labels can be made in any shape, size and colour.

Transfer labels

Transfer printing is a printing method that involves using a foil cutter to cut a film from vinyl. The transfer method takes longer than for example screen printing and therefore is optimal at low volumes.

Washing instructions

Instructions that include washing tips, care and material mixes can be printed on many different types of fabrics. You can have up to six colours on both the back and front of the label. Withstands normal and dry cleaning.

Woven badges

With a woven badge, you get an exclusive, clear and stylish labelling that fits perfectly on a more dressed look as on pique polo t-shirts, jackets and shirts. Woven badges can be provided with a transfer back to heat transfer directly onto the garment.

Woven labels

A woven label creates a feeling of quality and elegance. In addition, they are very durable and retain their appearance throughout their lifespan. Thanks to modern technology, you can get woven labels with up to twelve different colours where even shading and colour gradients can be woven.